Data Protection Services

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We offer Data Protection Training from basic to advanced levels depending on your target group’s privacy knowledge and skill level. Privacy awareness and knowledge are essential components of data protection implementation. Also, data protection is an elemental part of the success of any organisation.


Ensuring personnel – including key-personnel –  are up-to-date regarding data protection promotes privacy awareness and appropriate privacy practices. Data protection training is also an efficient way to demonstrate that actions have been taken to comply with applicable laws. 

Training and Awareness

One must know why?

Businesses often overlook data protection training. It can get pushed to the bottom of the list when thinking about compliance. And compliance can often be thought of as something the data protection officer does, when in fact it’s something that almost everyone should be concerned with.


But how can they be concerned if they don’t know what the law says, or what to do? And if they don’t know what to do, it’s your business success – and your reputation – that’s on the line.

We can Train your team

We will prepare and deliver bespoke on-site training courses which relate specifically to your business and your needs. By making the course relevant to your own organisation and your own sector, and using real-life examples of the challenges you face every day, we make the training much more memorable and engaging for those attending.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. the important thing is not to stop questioning"

Albert Einstein

Training Options


Level of detail can be modified according to your organisation’s needs


Options: e.g. classroom training, workshop, lecture, seminar and/or online course.


Data Protection Trainings meet guidelines of the GDPR and ISO 277001.