Freedom of Information Masterclass
July 21st - 22nd 2022

Balancing Transparency with Confidentiality

This Masterclass has been specifically designed to meet the ongoing training needs public officers on the Freedom of Information Act

About the Masterclass

Why this Masterclass is Different

  • Public Authorities are on the frontline regarding the FOI Act. Therefore, key personnel needs to know how to apply the Act and ensure they can respond to requests in a timely and efficient manner.
  • The focus is to prepare officers by ensuring they are familiar with the FOI Act, its applications, management of complex requests and the provision of guidance for all areas of the Act.
  • The training programme is designed as an interactive, comprehensive preparedness for all personnel involved in the processing of FOI Request. A practicable, hands-on approach is taken to ensure requests are managed in accordance with the FOI Act.
  • This would include case studies on how to apply the Act in a practical context and look at the role of the Judiciary in interpreting various sections of the Act.
  • Emphasis on the practical application of FOI rather than just learning dry law.
  • Real-life case studies and exercises.
  • In-depth examination of exemptions with relevant local case laws.
  • Public Procurement Process and balancing confidentiality with transparency.
  • Guidance on factors that can affect the weight of the public interest.
  • Areas to be considered in applying the Prejudice Test.
  • Step by step guide to managing FOI request.

Areas to be Covered

Learning Outcomes

How Freedom of Information legislation applies to Your organisation.

Identify areas within your organisations that may need attention and remedial action

Gain an appreciation of the principles emanating from the case law on each of the exemptions

Handle requests by individuals for access to information

Ensure compliance with obligations under the Act

Provide information, assistance, and training to colleagues

Who Should Attend

This Masterclass is suitable for anyone working within an organisation who needs to learn about the FOIA in a practical context. It is most suitable for staff in the following areas:

  • Officers dealing directly with FOI Request
  • Legal Services
  • Human Resources
  • Accounts
  • General Administration
  • Projects
  • Procurement
  • Auditors
  • Executive Management

Cost of FOIA masterclass

Early Bird Special

Valid until June 30th, 2022
$ 3,950
  • Per Participant

Group Rate

3 Participants or more
$ 4,250
  • Per Participant

Regular Rate

Applicable from July 1st 2022
$ 4,750
  • Per Participant

bonus material

Additionally, to better assist Public Authorities in managing these and other issues relating to FOI requests, the Equigov Institute has developed its FOI Toolkit. This Toolkit is a first not only for Trinidad and Tobago but also for the Commonwealth Caribbean. This Toolkit:

  • Examines the keywords used in various sections of the Act and provides guidance into their interpretation.
  • Does an in-depth examination of each exemption and provides the relevant highlights from the local cases for guidance.
  • Provides an analysis of the Public Interest and highlights areas that should be taken into consideration in analysing the Public Interest.
  • Provides over 12 sample letters to cover different scenarios in dealing with FOI requests as well as an FOI Application Checklist.
  • Guidance on issuing Section 23 Notices of Refusals.
  • Areas to take under consideration in balancing the Public Procurement Process and FOI Requests.

what Our participants say

Takes a complex subject like Freedom of Information and makes it easy to understand
Senior Legal Officer
In-House Training 2019
The FOIA Toolkit is a great document that our Ministry would use. The sample letters are also a great template to use in responding to applicants.
Permanent Secretary
In-House Training 2019
I feel better equipped to manage and guide my organisation in dealing with FOIA request.
Designated Officer
FOIA Masterclass June 2019
Seeing the relationship between the FOIA and Procurement and having access to the decision guide is really helpful.
Head Procurement
FOIA Online Masterclass November 2020